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Hello all,

Yesterday I actually got around to building my first computer, I thought it all went pretty well. I had done a little research into the hardware and thought I picked all compatable pieces. As I loaded the operating System a BSOD appeared, and appeared everytime I tryed at the same point.

Here is a list of what I purchased:

AMD A6-3650 FM1 socket CPU

Gigabyte GA-A75M - motherboard

Corsair vengeance 2x2gb RAM

Case with PSU

Also have a 80mm case fan, 250gb Hard drive and a DVD/RW drive. But I dont believe these would play much factor in the BSOD.

Would the RAM cause a problem with compatability with the CPU? I wonder as all over the bos it talks about Intel CPUs but never mention AMD.

I installed the case fan on the back, and so the front has no fan, would the hard drive overheat because of this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks
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  1. I doubt the Hard Drive had an issue with heat. At what EXACT point of the loading of the operating system does it BSOD? I assume it is the initial loading of the disk. I just want to make sure. When it is a very simple screen with just a load bar at the bottom. Correct?
  2. So the first part of the load went fine, it went to 100% when formatting the hard drive. It then restarted the computer and started to install the drivers / devices, it got about 3/4 through each time and the BSOD happens.
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