Computer wont response after installing vid card

Hi everyone,

my computer is an Acer AM3910.
here is the spec site

I just installed an BFG 800watt psu and install gtx 295 vid card, but computer will not response when i turn it on. when i uninstall the video card then the computer work. can someone please help
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  1. Have you installed or downloaded the latest drivers for that card and uninstalled the drivers from the last card you had?
  2. Do you have it installed properly (like power connector)? Are you sure it is slotted properly? Are you sure that the GPU is fine on the other system? Have you set graphics to PCI-E to the BIOS? Do you follow Procedures of installing a graphics card (Like uninstalling drivers prior to installing a new graphics card)? Have you tried updating Motherboard Drivers?
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