Keyboard malfunction because pc is grounded

I have a problem I recently bought a new keyboard(with ps2 cord) but when I tried it on most of the keys are not working, I thought it was a hardware problem so I came back to the store were i bought it but when they test it it works fine so i decided to test it again in my PC then it hit me maybe my pc is grounded because sometimes when i touch the case i get a little bit of shock. so i connect an extra wire in the case of the pc and nailed a concrete nail in the floor then connect the wire into it. it did work but not totally,all the keys worked but time and time again you have to press the keys firmly for the letters to appear.

can someone help me how to ground my pc? or any other solutions for my problem about the keyboard for it to work perfectly.
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  1. Grounding your PC is what you want to do. Getting a 'tiny shock' is an indication you have an electrical issue. Maybe a dangerous one. Normally, by plugging in the power cable from the PC's power supply into a properly wired electrical outlet, the PC will be supplied by a properly grounded supply. First, do you live in the U.S.? If so, use one of these and check the outlet the PC is plugged into. It will tell you if you have any ground problems (as well as other issues).
    You can find one at any hdwr store as well as online.

    There may be other reasons your new KB doesn't work properly, but making sure your electrical system is proper and safe is the first thing we need to do.
  2. sorry im from the philippines stuff like that is expensive in our country but thanks for the advice what i did is used my old keyboard again. i ask some one he said maybe its in my kb port.
  3. Well, getting a tiny shock from your PC isn't safe. Neither for you or the PC's components. And driving a concrete nail in the floor does nothing. You either have an electrical issue or a ESD issue. If you are in an area where electrical service is not done according to proper code, then you should drive a 8 - 10 foot 1/2" copper or steel ground rob into earth. Then ground your case to that.
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