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I'm going to be putting together my own PC for the first time, and just ordered the last of my components. I was wondering if anyone could point me towards an on-line guide to the steps I will need to follow to put everything together? Everything from how to install the heatsink/fan to what I need on my boot disk, bios settings I may need to make, and how to partition the hard drive (if I even need to do that).

For reference, the system is going to be as follows:

18" case with 300W AMD approved PSU
MSI K7 Master motherboard (retail)
2 x 128Mb PC2100 DDR RAM (Crucial)
AMD 1.2GHz 266Mhz FSB (retail)
MSI Gforce2 GTS 32Mb, AGP (retail)
Quantum Fireball AS 20.5 Gb ATA-100 hard drive (OEM)
Pioneer 105S 16X/40X IDE slot-loading DVD drive (OEM)
Soundblaster Live! 5.1 (OEM)
Altec Lansing ACS-33 speaker system
Linksys 10/100 Ethernet Card, retail (for Linksys cable modem Router/Network switch)

I'd appreciate any pointers on putting it all together.

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  1. Hey Falwynn, try this one:

    not exactly a weblink, sorry
    ooh, found another:

    Hope these get you on your way. Good luck!

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