Sli 570 or 7950? eyefinity/surround

Hi, Im looking to get a new GPU. I currently have 1 gtx 570 direct cu II and I can get another one for surround if I want but will there be enough memory for surround? If not should I sell it and get a 7950? and get eyefinity?
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  1. well a gtx 570 is a great card.i would suggest SLi it.
  2. SLI'ing older tech, which is what the 570 will be soon, leaves you no upgrade path. Id wait for Kepler or get a 7950 or 7970.
  3. ^i thought the same but a single 570 is pretty much enough to mx out most of the's not a very old card.570 Sli is better IMO.sell them for a single 680 or something similar.
  4. Well I think you should sell it and Get a 7950, to get rid of old tech an SLI troubles...
  5. I'm currently using a pair of GTX570s in SLI and they are far superior in single monitor gaming to a single HD7950 or HD7970. That said, I run two monitors max (One Samsung 25.5" 1920x1200 monitor and a 55" Samsung TV @ 1920x1080). If you're looking for a 3-6 monitor setup, you may be happier with the AMD solution. Eyefinity 2.0, right now, is the best on the market, and really caught Nvidia off guard in my opinion. The extra memory will definitely come in handy as well.

    There are advantages to a single card solution, but when it comes to overall power, having two GTX 570s will trump even the GTX590 and HD6990 (Which are currently the most powerful cards on the market) when it comes to single monitor performance.

    Now, what you really need to consider is what resolution you'll need to run at for your multiple monitor setup. The higher the resolution, the more the AMD cards like the HD7950, HD7970 and HD6990, with their extra ram, will shine. When you're running at the higher resolutions, the frame buffering required is always going to be bettered by lots of memory.

    If you think about it like this:
    1920x1200 = 2.3 million pixels
    1650x1050 = 1.73 million pixels
    That's over 30% more pixels to fill at the higher resolution, and that is only one monitor. Over three monitors, that's a 1.71 MP difference, practically another monitor. Add to that the extra processing for image enhancing and you'll realize that if you're planning on running large, high resolutions monitors, you'll need some very beefy and fast cards.

    To me, you cannot really compare the two options. In one hand, you have the GTX 570, which is likely due for a price reduction considering the Kepler is due out this quarter (Hopefully). If you went to ebay, I'm pretty sure you could pick up a used GTX 570 for around $200-250. On the other side, you have AMD with the newest cards on the market, which cost considerably more and are more specialized to what you're looking for.

    If you didn't already have the Nvidia card, I'd say its a no-brainer and that you should go with the AMD. But considering you could nearly pick up two used GTX570s for the cost of a single HD7950, I would say going the SLI route is the more sensible solution.

    That said, I am an Nvidia man myself and will wait to see their newest offering. I prefer their driver support to AMD's, they rarely disappoint in regards to performance, and I like PhysX. If you are of the same mindset, give it a few months to see what the new series has to offer. Even though the specs of the new cards have been remained, mostly, behind closed doors, I anticipate a monster to be unleashed in their new lineup. With the original Eyefinity being so successful, its pretty safe to bet Nvidia will focus a good deal of their resources on being competitive in the multi-monitor market.

    Edit: I actually like Refillable's response above. Right now you can still get decent value for your card, and that is a great option! If the GTX600 series is as good as I hope, that is going to be my method of upgrading.
  6. vrumor said:
    SLI'ing older tech, which is what the 570 will be soon, leaves you no upgrade path. Id wait for Kepler or get a 7950 or 7970.

    I'm not saying that it's good or bad to go SLI or get the new tech, but I don't like this argument because if you continue to follow this logic, you will never use the upgrade path.

    The upgrade path of a 570 is to move up to two 570's in SLI, the upgrade path of the 7950 is to buy a 2nd 7950 for crossfire, but if you always avoid the sli/crossfire option when it comes up, there is no upgrade path.
  7. i don't know why and how you can say that 570 SLi is a 'older tech' ?
  8. Easy, it is no longer the 500 series that is top of the market, its been surpassed by the 7k series. Hence, old tech.
  9. ok i got it.but still it is in the market. discontinued(gtx 4xx cards) are old tech.570 SLi can max out any game at the it shouldn't be tagged as old tech.
  10. Well you are correct cause when the 600 series comes out,it should, theoretically be faster and the 7k series wont be old tech. At this point with both companies putting out and coming out with new hardware, its hard to suggest using it SLI'ed or crossfired unless it is a screamin deal simply cause in most cases, not all, a single card from the new series will be as good if not better then 2 of the old, even as good as 570s still are.
  11. GTX 570 SLi +1
    if you wany try 28nm+3GB VRAM and good overclock can buy 7950 OC.
  12. The GTX570 is not "old tech" by any means. It's still in the top tier of video cards and supports every technology currently on the market. Even looking forward to DirectX 11.1, most of the Direct3d changes are centralized around merely improve the performance of what is available now. The only new feature that will not be compatible with current cards, at this point anyway, is a 2D feature called "Target Independent Rasterization."

    To say that certain tech is old because its not at the top of the market is absurd. If you're talking about market share specifically, Intel has control of more over the GPU market than AMD and Nvidia combined. If you're referring to technological prowess, the case could be made that the 500 series never beat out the 6000 series to begin with. That would mean that Nvidia was "old tech" even as it was released, according to Vrumor's theory.

    The 7970 is not the best video card on the market; the GTX590 and HD6990 are each more powerful. In regards to using SLI or Crossfire, anything above the HD6950 or GTX560Ti 448, in pairs, will outperform the 7970 for traditional gaming. When you step up to multiple monitors, the story does change a bit for Nvidia.

    Until there is a technology on the market that the cards don't support, they are still current. You can say, "But they won't support this or that in the future," but that is true for any hardware that is available; eventually it will not support "x" or "y" technology.

    If you're building a system to use today, you can either use the "money is no object" approach, or you can build within your means. Just because you're not buying a video card that costs more than a standard laptop or high def television, doesn't mean you're buying something obsolete.
  13. 1280mb VRAM is not enough for surround/eyefinity, 7950 all the way.
  14. but a single 7950 is also not enough.
  15. How is something that has 3GB not enough for 3 monitor eyefinity :D? At least it has 2.4 times more RAMs! If you feel like it's not enough, you can still crossfire it, what's the big deal?
  16. Will be running my 7970 with 3 soon, 1 landscape 2 portait and ill let you know what kinda performance I get.
  17. hellfire24 said:
    but a single 7950 is also not enough.


    6990 @ 5760x1080 + ultra settings + 4xMSAA = 40fps in BF3(large open area with lot's of action)

    6990 + 6970 @ 5760x1080 + ultra settings + 4xmsaa = 60 fps in BF3

    6990 @ 5760 x 1080 + ultra settings = 55-60FPS in Skyrim

    A single 7950 will struggle at eyefinity resolutions unless you run med settings possibly with AA off but it will still look cool as hell!


    This guy did a pretty good test of the 7970 vs 6970.

    Basically, a stock 7970 playing bf3 in eyefinity in ultra settings with 4xmsaa gets 20fps. With no AA at all he hit 36fps. I still stand behind what I said about a 7950 in eyefinity at med settings with AA off to get playable framerates. Not sure how well sli gtx 570's will work with only 1280MB of vram but they will certainly have more raw power than a single 7950. I have never used 3d surround so I really can't say from experience but I hear eyefinity is superior. Maybe someone here can shed some light on that topic.
  18. vrumor said:
    Will be running my 7970 with 3 soon, 1 landscape 2 portait and ill let you know what kinda performance I get.

    For eyefinity, you need them in the same orientation, otherwise it won't work.
  19. azeem40 said:
    For eyefinity, you need them in the same orientation, otherwise it won't work.

    This is not true for Eyefinity 2.0, which is what the 7970 uses. You can run multiple resolutions or orientations if you so wish.
  20. Something new I jave learned. :)
    Does the 7950 have 2.0?
  21. My understanding was that all 7900 series and some of the 7800 series would feature Eyefinity 2.0. Both the 7950 and 7970 have it :)
  22. Ironwilly said:
    This is not true for Eyefinity 2.0, which is what the 7970 uses. You can run multiple resolutions or orientations if you so wish.

    Any chance you can link the source of that info? This is straight from AMD's set up FAQ's

    'All monitors running in a Display Group or cloned modes must be running with the same resolution. If monitors have different native resolutions, the highest common non-native resolution between the monitors will be used when creating Display Groups. Monitors running in extended desktop mode can have independent resolutions.
  23. Is the FAQ updated for the 2.0?

    I believe I have read this information from multiple sources, as I do not have an Eyefinity card myself, I cannot test it out. I seem to remember a guru3d article. Let me see what I can dig up.

    I found that in one of my favorites.

    " Monitors can be aligned in landscape or portrait mode, or even a mix thanks to the flexible bezel correction mentioned above."
  24. This is not the article I remember, but it is listed in the guru3d reference review of the 7970.

    "Typically you needed the very same monitors and resolutions, Eyefinity 2.0 changes that. You are now actually able to create a custom resolution. So if you have three difference sized monitors, you can actually get that working (not that I'd recommend it) ." - Guru3d
  25. Interesting. It looks pretty cool. I also found this article which basically mirrors yours aside from they say that eyefinity 2.0 will be available to non 7xxx series cards through a driver update.

    Apparently, the only feature the rest of us will not be able to use is the different audio streams through the hdmi output.
  26. alrobichaud said:
    Apparently, the only feature the rest of us will not be able to use is the different audio streams through the hdmi output.

    I would assume that this would not be a major loss to many people lol.

    It would make a lot of sense that they could improve the original Eyefinity through drivers, so I think its a good possibility that many or most of the 2.0 features could translate to the pre-existing cards.

    Edit: On a side note, just because the new version is able to support these custom resolutions and configs for gaming does not mean its going to work across the board for all games, or be easily configurable. Here is a great forum site for multi-monitor/projector information that I have used in the past.
  27. That is the only place I was able to get a working hud fix for Skyrim in eyefinity. It was in one of their forums that I found a link to the site that I previously linked. Lot's of great info in those forums :)
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