I5-3570k vs i7-3770k ($60~70 difference)


I've read a lot about the two.
i5-3570k is good enough if main purpose is gaming.
i7-3770k is only useful for certain programs (graphics, compression, etc)

Having said that,

From price point of view

i5-3570k around $230

i7-3770k around $290~300 (tigerdirect deal)

Would you spend extra $70 for i7-3770k if your main purpose is gaming? (because i7 is on a good deal while i5 is just standard price. and i7 is better cpu even without using hyper-threading)

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  1. NO, no point of getting the i7 because you're only gaming!
  2. get the i5 and spend the 70dollars to get a better cooler for your cpu!
  3. Or spend those 70 dollars on a graphics card, here you will see the difference.
  4. i5 dude, save your money...
  5. thanks guys will go with i5
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