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Help, cable delimma

ok this is my firs thread so bare with me :)

here's my problem, My old ty went out that i had my rig connected to so no prob i have another tv. so i set it up and the tv doesnt have an hdmi port but its hd capable and has hd component connections.

I was thinking about getting one of these

will this work ?
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    while it *should* work, please not that it has a 1 star rating, and likely will not work well. It would be easier to do this in analog (component is analog HD, while HDMI is digital HD) and go from DVI->VGA with an adapter, and then VGA->Component with a cable.

    Note also that most analog TV signals are 30FPS/Hz, but computer output is by default 59 or 60, so there is a possibility of some issues with this setup requiring a converter box like one of these:

    Lastly, you need to know if your TV is Interlaced, Progressive, and 480, 720, or 1080. I have an old 'origional HD' TV which is 480p. It is technically HD... but hardly up to today's standards. Thankfully because it is progressive, and will recognize 60FPS signal (granted it only displays 24fps), I do not need a whole lot of adapters to make it work. Perfect for watching videos on it... but not so great for using it as a computer as the resolution is painfully low.

    Best of luck!
  2. souns great to me ill try that thanks a million
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  4. willydude said:
    souns great to me ill try that thanks a million

    Do NOT try that cord. it absolutely WILL NOT work. And neither will the cord he linked. They are non convertor. they will not do anything
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