Can we have Tapatalk Installed for our smartphones please.


I did bring this up in another thread but i thought it would be good to have its own.

Can we please have tapatalk installed on this site as it would most probably help alot of those who access the site via there smartphone, to get better and faster access. I know there is a thread discussing how the site is viewed on a mobile and this in my eyes would solve the problem.

As far as i can gather, all the forum owner has to do is install a pluging and thus activates the forum for the mobile app.

The mobile app costs a couple of dollars and is avaliable on android, blackberry, iphone.

I use it for a few sites and it makes life alot easier.

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More about tapatalk installed smartphones please
  1. Anyone have any opinions on this idea.

    Took me 10 mins to post this on my BlackBerry due the the unfriendly setup of the site for mobile browsers.
  2. what about out android tabs too.

    Site is good on my Galaxy Tab but could be faster
  3. You would have to contact best of media...
  4. Yes but this post is in a Feature Request thread, so hopefully they have read it. Shame there is no reply from them.
  5. Anyone??
  6. This issue was raised b4. I think the development team is working on it.
  7. Seconded.
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