Please, can someone help me out with this driver update issue

I'm about to install win 7 professional 64 from vista 64, I have an asus P6T. I have all my drivers from Asus website that used to update them. I went to Realtek site and I'm more lost than ever. The chip/controller is the "Realtek 8111C PCIe Gigabit LAN controller” (The version I currently have is 7.3.522.2009 all from the asus site). Do I need to update the chip’s drivers or will other old ones work w/win 7? Lastly I have an issue I dl these "driver update" progs they all seem to say there are 20+ drivers out of date (in particular the Realtek drivers) and when I go to realtek’s site they have no new updates as the version I have is v7.3.522.2009 for the LAN. The same goes for the on board Realtek® ALC1200 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC (the version I have is v6.0.1.589, I’ve spent the last 4 days on this and still can’t figure it out. Any help would be a god send. Do these drivers update programs lie? Cuz those are the drivers It points out I need to update.
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  1. Normally, the drivers on the asus driver disk is enough to get you going. Once you have installed the OS, the next thing you do is install the drivers on that disk. If you have gone to ASUS's web site and downloaded all the current drivers for your board, (download the ones for new operating system, but if they only have vista they normally still work). if you put them on a disk you can use them next or instead of the original disk. Usually the updates are in the form of a .exe file so they are easy to run.

    If you pay for the driver update programs like driver genius they are good programs. Beware of the ones that pop up when looking for drivers, I would NEVER use them. And yes, they will give you a high number of drivers but they usually come in packages of 7 or 8 drivers in one package. =Just for an example, driver genius says you have 18 drivers out of date, when you tell it to download them it will show you something like marvell chipset drivers - 1 package 12 drivers. So you'll get several like that.

    My suggestion??? Just use the ones you downloaded from asus and if there are more updated ones Microsoft will usually find the signed drivers for you during regular updates or give you warning(s) in windows action center that comes with win 7. Which will tell you to click here to update drivers.

    If you feel like you need to use a driver update program, use a reputable one.
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