Really not sure what to do. Black screen after driver update

So I'm just reinstalling windows and everything. I've just installed the ATI catalyst, went through the install of my graphics card driver, after restart my screen is totally black. Windows is going because some sounds come through my speakers .

I'm currently in Safe Mode, but I've never had to do anything here so I'm not sure what to do. If anyone could give me some help I would REALLY appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. start
    control panel
    programs and features
    amd catalyst install manager(double click it)
    express uninstall all amd software.
    common sence from here.
  2. Thanks Far, and I've been trying to do that but the only way to get my screen back is to go into safe mode, uninstall the card and restart. Even if I use the windows updater to get drivers it doesn't work.

    I'm trying to install the driver in safe mode (a method I read elsewhere), to see if this helps. Seems like common sense, but when I can't see anything on the screen, its a bit difficult.
  3. I kind of wonder if for some reason the video card is feeding the wrong screen resolution or refresh rate?

    From the same menu as safe mode, you should see a 640 x 480 option to run at a very low and very safe screen resolution. If it works, everything will be huge. Just set it to what it should be then apply and restart to save those settings.

    One thing to try first may be to once windows is running, unplug and replug the screen into the video card(on another DVI port if you are connecting that way).

    An old bug that I have not seen in years what it wanting to use a different output on the card(in my case, i would get to windows and get black screen, but the video all jumped onto my TV). I would guess you only have one screen connected?

    When you plug in a screen, Windows detects it if you are on Windows Vista/7 with DVI/HDMI.

    What is the exact AMD card you have?
  4. I'm using a Radeon 6870 HD. I'm really getting quite frustrated here. I've tried changing it to a different DVI slot on the card, and still nothing.
  5. When you install the drivers, try just drivers(when you install use the custom option and not the express and JUST use the drivers to see if it a CCC issue or something else.) and no CCC. I know it sucks, but may be worth a shot.

    What else is in the system, what was the last card you had?
  6. I'm running an ASRock motherboard with an I5 processor, 8 gigs of DDR3 1333.

    The card worked fine on my last board before switching over to this one. I'm about to try one of my older cards to see if there is an issue with my PSU. My current PSU is only 500w, but its getting up there in age. Is it possible that when I install the drivers and the card is working properly its isn't getting enough power to run?
  7. It would be kind of strange. The card will use less power once the drivers are on since it can clock it self down at idle.

    But one can never rule out a power supply issue(500 being far more then enough as long as it is a good name brand unit).
  8. What monitor do you have?
  9. I am also having the exact same problem in the same ways the OP has. Right after changing boards.
    My specs are a little different but very similair.

    Hoping to hear more about this.

    I am wondering if it's not enough voltage going to the card via the BIOS. Maybe the old board gave it more and the new board
    doesnt give it as much.

    Can you try to bump up the PCIE voltage in the bios
  10. I know this is an old question, but I figured I add my solution here, just in case anyone else has this problem.

    I had just installed win7 and then let it install all the windows updates, which included the drivers for my AMD graphics card.

    After the reboot, the monitor was blank.

    I then remembered that I had TWO monitors hooked up to this card, my regular monitor (which was blank) and my HDTV (connected through the HDMI port on the graphics card).

    I switched my TV to the HDMI input, and there it was, the win7 login screen.

    So if you have this problem and have more than one screen attached, make sure you check them all.

    Also, to make my monitor the "main display" so that it would get the main screen instead of my TV I did this:

    Left click on the desktop and select "Screen resolution". Left click on the monitor you want as your main screen to highlight it, then select the check mark next to "Make this my main display". Then click OK or Apply.
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