Regarding fx 8150 on ASUS M5A88-M and 8gb (1600)

Hi Friends,

I have FX8150 and ASUS M5A88-M with 8GB Ram(1600), and i plan to buy on 1GB graphics card also. I really like to know how much will be the power consumption and about ma SMPS power capacity desired.
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  1. For any future growth (like adding a second video card), you should consider a good quality 650w PSU. I recommend Seasonics and Corsairs.

    What is your PSU budget?
  2. There are a lot of 1GB graphics cards and they can have different power requirements. What specific card are you going to buy? In general a good quality 500-550W PSU is sufficient for any single graphics card PC you can put together today. You can generally get away with a good quality 450W PSU unless you're getting a card more powerful than a HD 6850. Do you have websites that we can look at and make recommendations?
  3. If you intend to put more than one graphics card in your PC, then we do need o know that because the power requirements are different.
  4. Use the Newegg PSU calculator. It overestimates to be on the safe side but is a pretty good lead to go by. It recommended 564Watts for my configuration, but I use a lower power Micro ATX board. Should I have had two 6950's instead of one, it recommends 864+ Watts lol I seldom believe in going beyond 500W. I will figure out how to build a super gaming machine using 500W or less in most occasions these days, as there are a ton of low-power options now, compared to the days of old. I have never needed too much beyond 500 watts in the past, no reason I should start now. My next two cards will be the low pro/ low power cards made by AFOX. Look up AFOX's 6850/ 7850 LP cards. I also only use Micro ATX boards, which are lower in power consumption. This last time around, I went with a 125W CPU FX 8150 8 core. My last CPU was a 95W Phenom II Quad. For the sake of CPU longevity, I decided to go with a high power/ watt CPU. I had the 6950 already and will continue running it until I have the option to save, budget and cut power elsewhere. In the future I imagine things will all go Micro ATX/ Mini ITX with the whole tablet smartphone market making micro chips super popular and affordable. I hope this is the case.
  5. I also have the same configuration (AMD FX 8150 + ASUS M5A88-M + Corsair 4x2 1600Mhz RAM) with corsair 430 PSU.

    Newegg is recommending 403PSU will be enough while AMD recommending 500+ PSU

    Can anyone confirm if using AMD HD 6850 with 430w is Ok.
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