Using a capture card to record my PC problems

I own a Avermedia H727 Capture HD Capture card and I thought I would try get it to record my pc instead of just consoles. I plugged a hdmi cable from my capture card to my graphics card and using the avermedia software I can see my desktop and record my pc. The quality is great and it works perfect accept the audio. When I try to record the audio from the HDMI source as well it sounds horrible and doesn't really pick the audio up at all. I've uploaded a video of it to youtube so you can understand what I mean. Anyone know how to fix this?
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  1. try using another computer to do the recording or mute the hdmi audio out

    i bet your system is trying to play the audio output in loops.
  2. I don't if you we're trying to tell me what I took from your message but your message made me think that the software I'm using plays the sounds its recording and if its recording my pc then i'ts recording itself over and over. I muted avermedia and now the audio is perfect thanks so much for your help even if you didn't mean to :na:
  3. glad u get the idea :) my bad at not good explaining it.
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