Whos is use ddr3 ram

brand products have been using for a long time before hi Biostar 945GC-m4 motherboard using the model is now bought a Biostar motherboard H61MH Give 6x 3770 i7 processor you wanted to learn I bought this card I use third-generation 8Gb DD3 also want to use a ram 1600? 2000 or higher If you return to me it suitable for this motherboard, I would be glad salutations Mhz speed
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  1. I can't understand what you're asking! Could you try and rephrase that please?
  2. So you're trying to run 1600-2000MHz memory on your board?, if so then you'll have to go into BIOS and manually change the speed since that board only supports up to 1333MHz natively.

    Not sure if that helped considering the question or whatever that is doesn't make much sense.
  3. Only way is to change the base clock speed AFAIK and that's not recommended.
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