Two internet connections, one router, one PC

i have two wireless connections in my computer, gonig to the same router, one of my wireless cards is a 5Ghz connection and the other is a 2.4Ghz connection, but sometimes the 5Ghz wireless card over heats and disconnects, my question is can i make the 5Ghz to use the internet when its connected but then when it over heats can i make it go to the 2.4 Ghz connection.

at the moment it is doing the other way and its connecting through the 2.4Ghz and not using the 5Ghz at all

i want it to use the 5Ghz fire because when its online its faster connection
is there a way i can check the setup
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  1. I'm old fashioned, but I think my first concern would by why is my 5Ghz card is overheating. Seems like if you fixed this issue you wouldn't need the second card at all.

    Just a thought.

    Otherwise your prob need to look into some 3rd party software to manage your wireless connections.
  2. fix the 5ghz card or get a new one.. much easier.
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