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Hi guys, I need to buy a new PSU. This is my current setup:

As you can see, I was a bit cheap when it came to the PSU (it has an extremely ironic name btw) when I was buying my new computer and now it's getting back at me. It's extremely loud all the time, can't even watch a movie without headphones.

So, I come to you in search of a new PSU, a pretty silent one preferably. The price is a big issue though. Let's say the max I can give is about 100€ and even that is stretching it. I know that's not a lot, so if you maybe know how reliable it is to buy used ones from ebay or similar sites I'd love to know. Or a cheap new one, as long as it's cheap, silent and reliable. Appreciate any feedback.

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    I have this power supply. Its near silent and i got it around 40 bucks just look around.
    When comparing sound to the rest of my hardware, you cant hear it.
  2. I would suggest running something rated a little higher so it runs at around 50% load. maybe aim for a decent 600-650W model.

    Check out the range at quietpc for an idea of quiet models.
  3. Do you have a preferred website for buying parts? Or what country are you in (so that I can possibly check websites that I know)?

    QuietPC do have some good quiet PSUs, but they are missing quite a few good choices for quiet PSUs.

    TBH I would have thought that a system with an AMD Phenom II X4 and 5850 would only be stressing a ~500W PSU to less than 50% load. So the only reason to get a more power unit is if helwallas wants the option to crossfire 5850s, which is not possible with Asus M4A785T-M.
  4. No, I am not planning to crossfire, wasn't really sure how strong of a PSU I needed at the time :) So a 500W one would be enough? If that's true then I can probably get a much cheaper PSU.

    Oh and I'm from Slovenia.

    EDIT: couple of slovenian sites, but it's hard to find reviews of the PSUs they sell there

    EDIT: do you think this one would do the trick?
  5. Chieftec Nitro88+ SPS-650C 650W €100
    It uses a Yate Loon D14SM-12, which has a top speed of 1400RPM and noise rating of 29dBA. It starts up at about 800RPM and stays below 1000RPM until a ~600W load.

    I wouldn't go for the Zalman GS series as they use a pretty low end CWT design, along with poor quality capacitors (Jun Fu).

    I think another cheaper possibility is the Chieftec A135 APS-550C €86
    Fairly sure that this is basically the same as an OCZ ModXStream Pro, certainly looks very similar to me.
    It uses a Globe Fan RL4Z S1352512H, 0.33A. This has a max speed of 1500RPM and noise rating of 29dBA. It idles around 675RPM, but gets over 1000RPM by ~350W load.

    Turns out I didn't know any Slovenian websites, so thanks for linking those three, now I will be better able to help other Slovenian users in the future.
  6. Thanks mate, I think I'll take the 88+

    I'll post my thoughts when I get it, cheers!
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