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I'm looking to upgrade my brother's video card on his computer, the only problem is I'm not entirely sure what the computer has for available PCI slots. It's still under warrenty so I can't open it without voiding it.

The computer is a

I see it says it says (1/1) PCI-E x16 (0/1) PCI-E x1 (2/2) PCI, but I'm not 100% as to what that actually means in terms what video card the computer can support.

The computer is only 2 years old or so, so I'm assuming it can handle something decent, just looking for some guidance and or suggestions.

It's mainly used for gaming (Diablo 3, WoW, Starcraft 2, Star Wars: TOR)

If I bring the computer to BestBuy (where we bought it) they will install any hardware.
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  1. So how are you going to install a new video card if you can't open the computer??

    Secondly your link doesn't work and you'll need to know what the power supply is before you can even consider a video card upgrade. It's likely you will need a new power supply and it's it's a Gateway, it's probably not even a standard size power supply.
  2. Link should work now
  3. It's a FSP 300w psu (+12V1@8.0A, +12V2@14.0A) There's not really much you can do other than a low end video card.

    The motherboard has 1 X16 PCI-E slot.
  4. I know very little about video cards, can you or someone suggest some options that I can look into?
  5. I'm not going to make any suggestions. The low end card I was going to suggest is a HD6670, but even that is going to require more than a 300w power supply imo.

    That's the price you pay when you get a pre-built, it's built as cheaply as possibly and isn't meant for upgrades.
  6. I was looking up the HD6670 and people have been saying they are using a 300w PSU and their system is running fine. I can upgrade the PSU if necessary.
  7. Well it's worth a try. Worst case you would need to buy a new psu for around $40, but it'll probably be ok with the 300w, I'm just not going to suggest it.
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