Computer won't boot, won't beep after video card install.

I purchased an AMD Radeon HD6570 graphics card. With the video card installed in the pci-e slot, the computer will not beep on startup, and will not send video from either the video card vga port or the onboard vga port. Also during startup, the computer will cycle power twice before staying powered on. Checked BIOS settings, changed default graphics to PCI-E. Problem remains. I installed a new power supply, rated at 350w. Problem remains. Disabled onboard graphics, and installed updated AMD video drivers. Problem remains. With the video card out of the system, the computer operates correctly.

Any ideas?

Gateway SX2801
Pentium Dual-Core E5700 @3Ghz
Windows 7 64-bit
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  1. Then you have to RMA it, the graphic card is shot. :ouch: Do you have another rig you can test it on like a friends? If it still does it to the other rig then you know for sure. If you can't test then just return it and simpley get another card.

    You have done all the test on your rig you could do. So now it is either the Card or it is the PCIe x 16 slot that is bad. That would be bad if it was the slot that would mean a new MOBO. :cry: Good luck to you on this.
  2. Did you check hardware requirements ? Maybe it needs more power and an additional power plug; check this out:
  3. liviu81x said:
    Did you check hardware requirements ? Maybe it needs more power and an additional power plug; check this out:

    You know that is a good question and that should have been the first step to take. That would bring me to his PSU. If it is giving him enough power on the 12v rail? If he has at least a 300w then maybe he will be ok.

    After looking for his rig I found the PSU that goes in it. It is a 220w PSU. But I don't know what is on the 12v, it did not show that. After checking with AMD the min requirement for the 6570 is a 400w PSU.

    We all know that AMD card don't draw a lot of power. So some OEM PSU's at around 300w's could maybe run it. Since his PSU is 220w then I would say it is a power supply problem and not the card or the MOBO.

    @OP after reading this I would be looking for a 400w PSU to through into your system. Also I saw that your case is a slimline case which means you will have a hard time finding a PSU for it.

    You will have to measure the one already in and try to find one that matches. Also I am asuming that your graphic card was a low profile card? Well I hope all this helps you and I do wish you good luck on this.
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