Upgrading my GTX460 1GB to a GTX 560 Ti 448?

I was considering upgrading my GTX460 1GB evga card to a GTX 560 Ti 448. I have a newegg coupon that expires in a few days for $40 that will bring the price on a sale for this card down to $195 plus arkham city. I was considering buying this card and selling Arkham City and the GTX 460. After everything is said and done I figure the upgrade should cost me about $50-$65 bucks. Is this a worthy upgrade by anyone's opinion?

i5 760 @2.80 GHz
8 Gb Gskill
1920x1080 display

games playing:
AC: Revelations
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    Here is Tom's gaming card hierarchy chart. Generally you need to go up three positions on the chart to see significant improvement. In your case that would be a GTX 570. So basically you would see just a little improvement.,3107-7.html
  2. Thanks a lot for the reply man, Tho I'm reading this card can be OC'd to be as good as a gtx 570 which is why I'm considering it....
  3. Might be worth a shot then. Just remember there are no guarantees in overclocking. You may do a little better or a little worse than a 570.
  4. Is your GTX 460 1GB at stock speeds? Mine's at 875 Mhz and I would want something a little power powerful as a replacement to feel it was worthwhile. The GTX 560 Ti 448 is of course more powerful, but I like to have a bigger jump when I do upgrade.
  5. wait for 6xx cards.maybe you can score a good deal ;)
  6. I have an EVGA GTX 460 1Gb overclocked to 840-1680-2000 and have also been considering an upgrade here lately. I was also looking at the GTX 560 Ti 448 because it has come down in price so much and overclocks so well.

    I have decided to wait a few more months until the 6xx series comes out. The 5xx series will drop even more in price and who knows maybe the 6xx series will produce a card as good as the GTX 460. If not I will pick up a GTX 570 hopefully for cheap.

    I'm not a super hardcore gamer but I do play 4 or 5 titles a year and the GTX 460 has actually held up quite well. I bought it the day it was released and it still gives me good framerates in everything I throw at it. It does help I have an amazing CPU.

    So my advice is to give it a little time and see what these new 6xx series cards look like.
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  8. Thanks a lot for the input guys, I ended up getting it anyways because i had the spend the $40 coupon on something and it only ended up costing me about $40 for the actual upgrade by selling my card and batman. The jump isn't very big but it does do a lot in the aliasing category and gives me a decent fps boost.
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