At which point do I need to change from the stock fan

Hi, I am using an i7-3770k with a stock cooler, I haven't overclocked yet, I am monitoring the temperature using coretemp. At which temperature would I need to change the cooler? Which cooler is good (options are coolermaster v6gt, hyper212evo, hyper212plus)?
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    If under load you're hitting over 80c you might want to start looking for an aftermarket cooler, otherwise you're more than fine. Personally I'm using a V6GT, but from reviews and other users you can't go wrong with any of the 3 you posted.
  2. Even under a modest OC, you really don't NEED an aftermarket cooler.

    The stock cooler does a reasonable job of cooling until you get to higher voltage levels.
    However, the small fan needs to spin up to provide more cooling, and it will get noisy.

    The cpu chip has a TJMAX temperature of 105c. before it will downclock itsellf or shut off to protect itself.

    That said, I recommend instead that you invest $30 or so on a tower type cooler with a slow turning 120mm fan.
    Something like the cm hyper212 would be fine. The larger fan will provide more cooling and be quieter.
  3. The stock cooler is fair for a minor OC or standard usage. However if you do need a quiet cooler or a more robust cooling solution you will need to look at upgrading to a better cooler. I have used the Cooler Master Hyper 212 + on an Intel Core i7-2600K and it worked well and you can even add a second 120mm fan to it for additional cooling.
  4. Intel CPUs (modern ones anyway) actually have very good thermal management features and the OEM HSF works great for non-OC configs. As some have mentioned, minor/slight OCing might be okay with the OEM HSF.

    However, why take the risk? Going with something like a CM Hyper 212+ or EVO costs very little and performs MUCH better than an OEM HSF.

    If you are going to spend the money on a quality CPU and you plan to OC it, then you should NOT use the OEM HSF and you SHOULD strongly consider an aftermarket HSF.
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