CPU temp

My CPU temp was 124 C
then i sprayed air on it then it went to -60 C
did i knock out the sensor?
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  1. Sorry but a little more information would be helpful. What processor and what software are you using to get these temperatures?
  2. 124C is well beyond the boiling point of water and if it were actually that hot, the system would have shut down (well before getting that hot).

    If it registered that high (are you sure it wasn't Fahrenheit?), then you likely have a defective CPU temp sensor.

    How are you measuring your system temps?
  3. Processor Intel i5-2500K CPU 3.3 GHz
    Program: Speed Fan
    8 GB Ram
    Asus MoBo P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 i think
  4. Spraying canned air is not going to drop temperature to -60C, you would need to spray liquid oxygen or other light liquefied gas to go anywhere near that low.

    So I'd go with the bogus sensor data or software reporting theory.

    You can easily determine whether this is a software or hardware problem by checking BIOS temperatures. If the BIOS reports sane values, the problem is most likely software. If the BIOS also reports bogus values, the problem is most likely hardware.
  5. Definitely an error of some sort of it hit 124C. Are you using the stock heatsink or an aftermarket one?

    Also, try hwmonitor and see what it says for temps:

  6. hwmonitor: CPUTIN 60 C
    *Cores 33-37 C
    *Package 39 C
  7. slimey said:
    *Cores 33-37 C
    *Package 39 C

    Looks pretty normal, so you can write off your other values as software glitches/bugs.
  8. Those look like standard idle temps for the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K with the stock cooler. Run Prime95 or IBT (Intel Burn Test) on it and see how the temperatures do under load but I guess that you are in good shape.
  9. You are good to go with nothing to worry about with those temps.

    Have fun!
  10. Thanks every one!
  11. slimey said:
    Thanks every one!

    You are welcome! Good luck!
  12. slimey said:
    Thanks every one!

    yup, stick to the CPUID stuff, you'll be better off.
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