GTX 470 temps?

I have a EVGA GTX 470 and I have just now started monitoring the temps of it. I know these cards run hot but mine seems a little too hot. At Idle, with fans set on auto, it runs at the GPU is at 80 degrees C and PCB about 55 degrees C.

I turned EVGA Precision on manual and raised the speed up to 65% and temp went down to 45 C but with unbearable noise.

Is auto a good setting? when gaming it should adjust fan speed as needed right? Thanks
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  1. Normal Idle temperature should be around 47°C to 48°C with the cooling fan set to AUTO.

    Full load temperature I would have expected to be around 88°C to 91°C with the fan set to AUTO.

    Is your case getting sufficient air flow?
  2. I have 3 case fans set up the way they came with my cooler master storm scout case. They have no controller so I assume they are running at 100% My case is under neath my desk with lots of room under their though, The front and window side are completely exposed. Just dusted everything a few weeks ago.

    Maybe the case fans aren't set right, but something is up because as im typing this message, auto GPU fan speed is 48 % and its at 78 C
  3. What is your room temperature?
  4. 74 degrees F
  5. If you leave the windowed side of the case off does the graphics card run cooler?
  6. nope it doesnt.

    On EVGA precision though, I just found a setting that monitors and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. That lowered it down to 65 C but that is still too hot. if its too hot, why doesnt the fan speed increase and cool it more?
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