New Build Problem - Black Screens

Recently I was on here getting suggestions for my new build. Well I built it, and enjoyed the process. Went by a lot quicker this time.

But I am having an issue recently with the new build. I am getting black screens. I am starting to think it might be an issue with my GPU, but I was hoping for a second opinion.

This Black Screen tends to happen when I am playing WoW. The game just goes black, and it used to be accompanied by an awful buzzing in my speakers. Since I've updated my drivers to the most recent 4/25/2012, I am still getting the issue just not as loud of a sound this time.

At first I thought it could be a RAM issue. But I ran tests on the RAM. I ran memtest for 4+ hrs and I never got any errors on it. So I have come to the conclusion it may be the GPU. BUT I am also wondering if it could be something to do with me playing WoW off a secondary hard drive. DOUBTFUL on that though.

Motherboard : ASUS P8z68-V/Gen3
GPU: XFX - Radeon HD 7870
CPU: I5-2500k
PSU: Corsair Pro Series HX850
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw 8gb

Thanks for any help. :hello:
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  1. Upgrade bios, Upgrade graphic drive, or may even downgrade if graphic drive is not stable. or it could be hardware itself.
  2. I've updated Bios and Graphic Drivers to current releases. As for downgrading only other drivers I have for the GPU is the one that gave me the louder Black Screen. :|
  3. how long did you had the hardware (gpu)for?
  4. I've had it for 3 weeks now.
  5. when did the problem start? i would advice to RMA the card and test out new one.
  6. To be honest I don't know if it would of happened the first week I had it. I was pretty busy with building the computer and setting up everything. I wasn't doing any gaming on it. But after I had it for about a week and half. I was playing WoW a bit more regularly and it just happened. Black Screen, Buzzing... It doesn't happen all the time. Just maybe once, and then it's fine. I usually check my temp, and the temp isn't anything GPU as far as I know. Usually around 30~40C
  7. could be defect card if you had upgrade driver, bios AND tested RAM.
  8. try playing WOW on lower settings and increase slowly.
  9. I'll try that. But I was hoping for something a bit more conclusive on what the issue could be. Thank you for your suggestions though. :)
  10. well theres more help than just me.
  11. use the option under the ccc control pannel and use gpu-z to look at the fan speed of the gpu. most cpu vendor set the fan at 20-40 percent with new gpu that fine for web and light gaming. keeps the fan noise down. what you want to do is turn the fan speed up and see if that buzzing sound comes out. if it does then you know it could be a bad gpu fan..they do make a lot of noise when the do ramp up. if it not the same sound try downloading prime 95. this is not a gpu test but a burn it stress test for cpu/ps. try running that with cpu0z open to watch the cpu temps. if they get to hot the mb and cpu will shut down or throttle back. this will tell you your cpu heat sink not on all they way or you forgot to add the thermal paste. if the noise does show uo try listing to the power supply. it could be a bad fan or cap. most new good ps have thermal monitoring on the fan so it only spins up when needed. if i was looking for issues i look to the ps or the power caps on the mb. as the buzz sounds like a bad cap in the power section of the mb or ps. ps on thing to check is wire placement. sometime you can suck a wire into the fan or have it fall in. also with power cables if there near the cd-rom audio or front pannel wires you can get at max load electrical hum.
  12. it's not a fan noise. It's an audio noise coming out of my speakers.
  13. does you audio jack work? maybe you may have to get a external speaker. I had problems with my monitor speakers and no problem since i switched to external.
  14. I have a 5.1 speaker set-up through the audio output on MOBO.
  15. any wireless device near a pc is going to get picked up by the mb. take your cell phone and turn it on near your computer or speakers..if you have a wireless keyboard and mouse try moving the reciver away from the case and or the speakers away from the monitor and see if the noise changes.
  16. I'm kind of lost... But what would this have to do with me getting a Black Screen? :|

    The sound coming out of the speakers is usually just a buzzing of the last noise in WoW. :|
  17. maybe you can search for WOW forums to see any solutions if it only happens when playing on WOW.
  18. I think I may of have found the issue. But I am still testing this out...

    I was running WoW in directx9 when I should have been running it in directx 11. But this makes me wonder if I won't be able to run Directx9 games anymore? :|
  19. glad to hear. tell us the result
  20. Sadly... The issue persists. I've started contacted the manufacturer of the Card to see if they can off any help. :|
  21. you'll probably need to RMA the card.
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