Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced

Hey Guys,

I have just gotten a Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced, and whilst I am pleased with how relatively easy it was to move my innards from my CM 830 Stacker, my GPU a reference Sapphire 7970 is suffering slightly from higher temps?

I have a Scythe 1450 side panel (exhaust) the same type of exhaust fan, a Scythe 4250 RPM front intake (overkill I know) and the reference cooler master fan in the roof of the case, as it was when I bought it.

However, despite this, and the excellent reviews at just how good an "enthusiasts" case it is, I am seeing temps in the region of 67 degrees when just browsing the web?! It only reaches 78 or so after playing Crysis 2 with full DX11 support and both the hi res packs installed at 1920 x 1080.

I am going to my local component retailer tomorrow, specifically for a new DVD Writer and HDD, but if anyone can make any suggestions regarding a good case fan, thats not as noisy as the 4250 RPM Scythe, I would be very grateful!!

I have read other peoples comments on various forums regarding this, and I too like others thought that the 28nm process mean't less power, and therefore lower temps?! My previous card was again a Sapphire 5870, but I never used Afterburner to OC it, therfore can't say what temps I was getting.

This is annoying, as there was nothing wrong specifically with my Stacker, just that it was too big LOL!!

I am beginning to wish I had kept my money.

Any advice or thoughts would be very appreciated!!

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  1. I wouldn't have changed cases but if you need the room you need the room. Maybe a side fan or two will help with the video card heat. The stacker had one but you only have vents on the Cooler Master.

    Trying to give away the other case??? I'm game!
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