HTPC Build - Need Feedback

Hey all,

I'm upgrading my HTPC and these are the parts I'm buying:

Plus this case:

I already have some 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance RAM and a Radeon HD 6750 (with passive cooling from HIS, hence the Pentium processor vs. an i3). I also have 2TB and 3TB 5400rpm Hitachi HDD's.

The plan is to use the Smart Response Technology (SRT) from Intel (hence the Intel 313 SSD) and to have a quiet HTPC. The primary uses are XBMC and Hyperspin.

I'm looking for any feedback on the parts I've chosen, especially the case as I really just want a quiet case that's affordable and has at least four 3.5" internal bays. I'm also wanted to know if the Intel 313 SSD was worth it for SRT or should I just pick up a cheaper 64GB drive from, say, Crucial (m4 series)?

Thanks for any help you guys can give!

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