Which card? 6870 or 560 ti?

I know that the gtx 560ti outperforms the 6870 but i dont really know if its worth it to spend the difference on one. Im planning on purchasing a new card tomorrow, and just want to make the best decesion possible.
System Specs:
cpu: athlon ii x4 645
psu: ocz fatal1ty 550w
mobo: asus m4a89gtd pro/usb3
8gb ddr3 1333
1 ssd
Monitors: 1920x1080 and 1366x768 i only game on the 1080p one

Im planning on eventually upgrading my cpu eventually just dont know when. Probably to a hex core amd processor.

Im not that serious of a gamer and am going to college next year which is why im not just getting the 560ti over the 6870. I play all of the cods, skyrim, bulletstorm, Saints row 3, and killingfloor atm. Another question is will any of my current other specs bottleneck the 560 ti or 6870? Which 6870 do you guys recommend if i decide to go that route? Id like to keep the cost of the card under 200 but can go over if needed. If i went with a 560 ti i only saw Zotac ones for near 200 dollars and i know zotac isnt a great brand.

Just a few cards im looking at:

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  1. get the 6870 since it will max all the games you play at 1080p
  2. Wrong comparison, the 6870 is equivalent to the regualr 560 GTX. The 560 Ti is faster and more expansive than the 6870, and is equivalent in performance and price to the 6950 1gb.
  3. gtx 560 ti will be good but in my opinion it would be better to go with cheaper one hd 6870 which can play all games with high settings at hte rsolution of 1080p.:)
  4. id go with 6870 i have a personal bias as i went through huge issues with nvidia drivers and my system but had no problem with amd/ati drivers
  5. Thanks everyone, I ended up going with the sapphire 6870. Just a question malmental, why does running different resolutions and a vga and a dvi monitor cause the cards temperature to go up? The 1366x768 is using a dvi/vga adapter... will it still have the same effect?
  6. Unplugging the second monitor made the temp drop form 52c to 39c (warm room) in about 2 mins... are those temps fine? The higher temps dont really bother me since i dont overclock graphics cards
  7. it went up to 64c during a game of cod 4 with max setting at 125 fps and 67 on high settings in skyrim... how high can it go before it starts getting dangerous? 80?
  8. If you think I care about points, you have another thing coming. I merely forgot to read the decision part. Calm down.
  9. I lost my sense of humor a long time ago.
  10. lol.. its hitting 72c while playing crysis and starting to scare me... both monitors are pluged in ones playing fullscreen the other is on itunes and hwmonitor. Why is it this hot? I have the raidmax smilodon case and it has a fan blowing right onto the card. Does the card just run warm?
  11. gpus are good at 72, you have nothing to worry about.
  12. Well, at least the 6870 I used till Sunday was cool driving 2 1080p monitors. And my 4890 (had to put it back :P) stays with low clocks driving both monitors, but gets really hot when gaming (75ºc with 950Mhz clocks from 850Mhz)

    They don't go down if he has the Overclocking tool activated (Overdrive?). At least, I remember it that way.

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