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Setting up a 3D Computer System in Feb 2012

OK, I've spent 3 hours scanning this (and other) websites, and still haven't quite figured out the answers I'm looking for. If they're already there, may be I really AM just a n00less cluebie.....

So my current system is a Dell XPS 8300 with a ATI-AMD HD 5670 Display Adapter running Windows 7 64-bit. and an HP 2009m Monitor and a PLDS DVDRWBD DH-6E2S

Generally: I'd like to be playing games in 3D Stereovision, possibly watch 3D Blu-Rays and specifically play Skyrim, and so my questions are the following:

Given the above setup and a total budget of say $1000 more

1) Can I Simply get a 3D Monitor/TV and just plug and play (and from what I've read so far, going the monitor route seems preferable as 1080P is simply not high-enough resolution to use as my everyday monitor at least, not via HDMI cables...)

2) Assuming I can't use my AMD graphics card, what combination of Card(s) + Monitor (or TV) + cables + other accessories (Nvidia 3d vision 2? AMD HD3D? etc) should I invest in to get the best bang for my buck--and can I still make use of my old graphics card for something?

Until then, I'll go back to my cyan and red glasses ;-)
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    OK, so after more research, I was able to frame my questions better HERE for the GPU issue and then after determining that a separate monitor is more helpful than a 3DTV which can only connect via HDMI and is thus going to be limited to the resolution of 1080P and so the monitor issue was addressed HERE

    If other newbies view threads like this and wonder why they aren't responded to, i think it's because I was WAY too vague (mostly by not listing the information about the power supply unit) But once I was able to focus my questions I got prompt and helpful responses! Good luck to everyone out there searching for answers.....

    BTW -- if someone wants to/can close this thread, that'd be fine
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