Where did the extra memory come from?

In Win7, dxdiag showed 1717 MB video memory, but in xp, only 1024MB.
My PC's config is:
Intel DH55TC mobo
Core i3 540
2 GB DDR3 memory
ASUS EN210 Silent(NVIDIA GeForce 210 1GB DDR3) Graphics Card
Windows XP SP3.

In Win7, dxdiag showed 1717 MB vid memory(display was driven through card and not integrated graphics).
But in XP, dxdiag showed only 1024 MB vid memory(again through card).
I switched to integrated graphics from bios, installed the intel hd graphics drivers and used onboard vga port for display. Again i had 1024 mb, but RAM had come down from 1974 mb to 1910 mb.
I again enabled my graphics card from bios and checked, but still it was 1024 mb vid and 1974 mb RAM.

My question is: Where did the extra graphics memory in win7 come from?

I have no trouble with my machine although.
Thanks for replies.
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  1. It's probabbly the turbo cache, taking up RAM when needed, as win7 reports more available video memory than XP. Don't use dxdiag, but go through desktop, right click and choose screen resolution, got o advanced and then Adapter (the second upper tab), you should find the details on the video card memory and where the memory comes from. The integrated graphics can take 64 Mb (the missing difference) of ram out of your system butthe dedicated graphics won't do that.
  2. thanks for d reply.

    my graphics card has support for directx 10.1. does dat mean dat it'll nt support higher versions, if available? whaddoz dis 'support' actually mean? doesn't it support 9.0c dat m using without any problem??
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