Dead screen on Acer 7720gz

I just bought a broken laptop, an Acer 7720 GZ and the seller said the video card is defective. The screen doesn't show anything, no grey shades, no lines, no faded text or anything. It boots up normally, goes into windows with sounds and everything but nothing shows on screen. Could it be the display and the video card too ? I connected an external monitor on the VGA output and still nothing. I hope it's just the video card.
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  1. probably it is just the video card, since you have connected the video card to an external display and the problem was there also, the video card probably is with problems, and depending on the videocard, best solution is sending it to an ACER authorized store that they will fix that.
  2. It's easy to take it to an Acer store and pay them to repair it (probabbly it's out of warranty anyway) so I'm trying to find the cheapest and easiest way to do it myself before I pay someone else to do it. I actually didn't press Fn + F5 or F6 to change monitor output, I'll try that tonight when I get home.

    A friend is certain the video card is not faulty as the monitor doesn't light up at all and that the display power cable could be disconnected or... broken.

    For this one I guess I have to take it to a repair shop.
  3. since it is a notebook, if it is a graphics card problem, i think you will have a worst problem than the monitor itself, because normally the graphics card is soldered into the motherboard, so changing it can be even harder than changing only the screen.

    I already saw one time a laptop where the screen connection have broken due to fadigue, this would cause the screen to be totally black, and it is easy to repair by yourself, but if the problem persists with an external monitor hardly this is the problem.
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