Linux PC for Under $500

Hi Guys,

I really enjoy using Linux for general everyday use and browsing. I recently installed Lubuntu on my 6yr old Pentium 4 and it was awesome, quick startup, great browsing and no viruses. But lately my mobo has been crapping out on me. So I have decided to move on and get a new PC.

One of the hardest things I found was getting drivers for printers and other devices. My printer was not supported - so that was a pain. I realise that I was trying to adapt my existing system to Linux. I also had to connect directly to the router as my wireless usb was not picked up.

But now I want to start from scratch I want to build a system that will give me the most out of Linux. Im not sure how to go about it though.

Will be ordering most of the stuff from NCIX or Newegg

Budget: <$500
Already Have: Screen, HDD, Case (no power supply)
CPU: ?
Graphics Card:?

It would be a bonus if I could double up as a gaming PC (windows dual boot).
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