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Zotac gtx 560 ti amp sli vs. sapphire 7950 3gb oc

which will benchmark better between the two? the sapphire is clocked at 900 while the zotac is at 950
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    the sli will benchmark higher but general performance will vary.
  2. 560ti sli will be faster but buying a single fast card is a better option.imo.

    just wait a little for the price drops. but either both are great options
  3. well i since 7950 have a close performance to a gtx 580 normally the relative performance is 1-2% better, and 560 ti in sli is >14% better than 580 (in some games) i think 2x 560 ti still better than only one 7950.

    i think 560 ti in sli can be even better than a 7970 but very close performance.

    EDIT: yes a single card is more trustable than going for SLI or CrossFire but if you wan't a single card to get close performance take 7970 instead of 7950.
  4. in my opinion it would be better to go with single high end card with newer tech so it would be better to go with hd 7950 and after some years or time crossfire.:)

    for example for crossfire here you can see that the hd 7950 cf does well in games then gtx 580 sli.

    for review.:)
  5. 560 ti SLI would be faster, but buying a 7950 is going to be better for you :).


    -Does not require SLI Motherboard
    -Newer Tech
    -Less issue will go on (it's a single card!)
    -Less power consumption (higher efficiency)
    -Not so much better on performance
    -Better Upgradebility

  6. Yes agreed, SLI needs a more powerfull final system, better motherboard, better PSU, and also you will need to keep updating drivers/etc fixing normal SLI issues, but 1 7950 is not better than SLI 560 ti, but yes i always will recommend a single card solution than SLI/Crossfire.
  7. I'm just considering the option cause the two gtx 560s are cheaper than a single 7950. And no I am not willing to wait for a price drop since this is my first rig and I've been waiting to build one since like, forever.
  8. personally i would do that too, but just make sure you have a good motherboard and the psu is 700w more from a good brand. get one with 4x pci-e 6 pins.

    the graphics are cheaper but you may need to waste more on a good psu and a good motherboard, but i think it will worth it.
  9. I have an asrock extreme 7 and a 1200watt psu so I think I'm covered there
  10. yes you would be wasting money if you didn't go for sli with that mobo/psu...
  11. You would be wasting nothing. Why not go for a single high end card and buy another one just like it when you can afford?

    I bet two 7950 or whatever you want to buy(in case you want to wait for Nvidia's new generation), will be much better than two GTX560 ti. If you already have/had 1 GTX560 TI i would recommend buying another if it would fit better in your budget but like this i would not recommend at all that solution.

    Also there is the issue of micro stuttering in games when using SLI or crossfire. That problem is less encountered when the video cards are more powerful(high end).
  12. ricardois said:
    yes you would be wasting money if you didn't go for sli with that mobo/psu...

    the energy savings over time might be more useful than money spent on overkill.
  13. get the hd 7950 single now or wait for kepler because the newer cards tech is increasing day by day that we can see for example look at the hd 7750 it is powerful like an hd 6770 and it uses less power then hd 6670 so you should wait for newer series cards or just buy now the single high end card hd 7950 you will be happy with that upgrade and when you feel like its time is gone then crossfire or go for another single high end card and sell it.:)
  14. ^^another +1
  15. alright you mother effers better appreciate this cause I just got the Sapphire 7950 3gb OC which more or less cost me my kidney! hehehe
  16. good one.:)
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