Hello, my system
CPU E5300 dual core @2.6ghz
MOTHERBOARD asrock g41m vs3 r2.0
RAM 4gb
PSU 580w
HDD 500gb

i will order an EVGA gtx 550 TI superclocked.
bottleneck ? (sorry for my bad english)
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  1. it might and it might not
    I'm gusseting it will be cutting it close at best

    grab msi Afterburner
    start up you favorite high end game and shut off vsink
    msi Afterburner will show your gpu usage, if it's low and you cpu usage is high, then you have a bottleneck

    TBH if you can, overclock your cpu to around 3~3.2ghz
    that should help a lot. if you have the money I'd get a better cpu. I'm sure you could get one cheap online
  2. If there is any, it would be very slight. What if there is a slight bottleneck? Would you rather have a slower graphics card? What resolution is your monitor?
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