Best graphics card in 350-400 dollar range

Im making a new build that will play about all games on highest settings (metro 2033 maybe not included) above 25 fps. (hoping to get more) I am wondering what would be the best option to get that. I like the 570.
PS: I have an ASUS p8p67 and an i5 2500k.
PSS: IF you can be specific as possible.
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  1. EVGA 570 Classified. It can overclock like a beast. You can also go with MSI 6970 Lightning which runs really cool and can overclock really well. You can also try to wait for Nvidia to release it GK104 chips which are expected to be faster by a huge margin.
  2. +1, i highly recommend waiting for kepler. the GK 104 is gonna be a best bargain for the series
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