My new videocard fan buzzes


I just assembled my new computer 6 weeks ago, and as of two days ago, a buzzing noise(like when a wire gently touches a fan) came from my computer. I have found out that when I put a finger on the GPU fan, the noise stops, likewise I have found out that the noise first starts after like 1 hour of run.
I have just had it out of the PC where I blew the little bit of dust out of it, with a compressor. It helped for arond an hour, where the noise started to kick in again.
It is not that loud, but it is really annoying since my computer is pretty silent.
The videocard is a eVEGa GTX 570 HD with 3 GB of ram..
Any thoughts of a solution, other than sending it back(which would suck)??
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  1. Hi, welcome to the forums.

    I don't know exactly what it is, I can only guess.
    My guess is that the bearings on the fan have failed. This happens sometimes, usually with older fans. Sometimes fans just wear out.
    How bad is it? Are you seeing higher temps than normal? If it gets worse, I'd call them up and explain the situation. They may want you to return it, or they might just send you a replacement fan.
  2. Thx

    The noise gets a little bit louder when the PC has been one for a while.
    But its not really loud, its just enough to ennoy me, when me PC is pretty silent overall.
    About the temps I dont really know, I have always used ATI/AMD cards - where I could check the temps in the drivers..
  3. best thing to do is rma the card
  4. Now lets not get to drastic about it, i kinda think Striker is on to somthing, fan bearings in video cards mess up all the time, could mean just a simple Heatsink moding and tightening the bearings. may fix it. if it doesnt send it in, and tell them its the fan. somthing with the fan. if nothing is detected. Wear a thicker headset and ignore it
  5. Hmmmm there is no 570 with 3gb. Maybe a 580 perhaps.
  6. Okay I just downloaded MSI Afterburner, and it says my GPU is on 51 degrees celcius. And I just turned on my PC an hour and I have only browsed the internet in that period. Is that normal?
  7. Depends on your room temperature and all kinds of stuff.
  8. It's not crazy hot but does seem a little out of the ordinary. I'd call up EVGA, ask them what you should do. According to this you should have an idle temp of around 40c.
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