Sager: 8880 vs 5650

I am in the market for a new laptop computer to replace my desktop when I move overseas in December.

I have been looking at the Sager notebooks, and they seem very attractive, but I'm not sure which one I want/need.

The two systems I'm looking at are very similar, both will have a radeon 7500 mobility (64mb), 40gb 5400rpm hd, 512mb sdram, dvd/cd-rw combo drive, as well as built in modem and NIC. Where these two systems differ is making my choice very difficult. The 5650 (essentially the same as the alienware area-51m, but with a p4m) has a 2.0GHz pentium 4 m, and the 8880 has the northwood p4 at 2.0 GHz. also the displays are slightly different. The 5650 has a 15" uxga (very nice display, from what i've read) but the 8880 has a 15.7" sxga. Also the 8880 has some nice built-in feature the 5650 doesn't have (tv tuner, remote, detachable mp3 player with sd card, and a memory stick slot)

I don't know which I would prefer, the longer battery life and extra sharp display of the 5650, or the super-cool extras of the 8880. I would really appreciate any thoughts on this matter. Also, does anyone know when and if the Sager notebooks will be available with the radeon mobility 9000, and how much extra (as compared to the 8880) it would be?

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  1. I was stuck between the two as well. I haven't made my purchase yet (I'm holding out for the ATI mobility 9000)

    What helped me make my mind up was the screen resolution. I work with high res monitors all day, and don't think I could adjust to sxga with the 8880. If it were only a little better like sxga+ I probably would have changed my mind.

    mobility 9000's are expected to ship in dells & HP's around the 20th of October. One dealer for Sager that I heard from said they haven't been given an exact date but were told it would be around the same time.

    As far as price goes I would try filling out an order with dell (the are pre-ordering now) and see what the difference is. It will probably be similar for Sager's

    Good Luck!
    Check it out
    They have the Sager 5660 that looks like 5620 but different in spec.
    ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000 is install in the Sager 5660.
  3. I am having the same issue. I'm thinking the 5660 because the better screen and smaller size. But then I keep hearing the that UXGA res is way too small to use anyways? But the 1280x1024 on the 8880 is too big. Maybe the SXGA+ on the 5660 is the best (1400x)?
  4. Bill just got a 5660 with a 2.8GHz p4 and Radeon 9000. The 9000 is here and totally worth it. I've got a 7500 that does 4800 3dmarks at 2GHz. Bill's does 7135 3dmarks and does not skip any tests. Mine skips all the pretty water tests. Check em out at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Oh yeah they got usb2 and firewire too.

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  5. I just ordered the 8886 with the 2.8 p4, the ati 9000, 1 gig of ram, and the 5400rpm 40gig HD. From all the pre-buy research I did, the only real difference between these notebooks are the displays, keyboard layouts, and the various bells and whistles of the 8880. I believe they both use regular northwood core p4's which equates into terrible battery life, however the 5650 gives you the option of using an addition battery which will stretch your running time out to a total of 4-5 hours. If you don't plan on using your laptop away from a power outlet, I'd recommend the 8880 since the bells and whistles are a nice addition along with more screen size. If being away from a fixed power source is a factor, I'd get a notebook that uses the mobile p4, since both models are battery-hogs. Also, going over seas, be sure that you have adapters for all those crazy sockets out there, and double-check your voltages/frequencies...
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