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How does one set Linux up to connect to a Win NT (or 2K) network? I'm familiar with the Windows Networking Options, but I'm not sure where the Linux counterparts are. For example, where are the TCP/IP settings? What sort of format does it need for the Domain?

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  1. If it is filesharing you want, try samba.

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  2. Actually, what I'm trying is this: I've got a machine running Linux (Mandrake 7.2) and I want to get it to connect to the network, which uses Windows NT. To hook-up via Win98 I use the following: workgroup ID, use DHCP for WINS, automatically obtain the IP address, have a Gateway address, DNS is enabled, have a "host" and a domain name and a DNS server address. What else do I need to make Linux hook-up? And in what fields do I put these?

  3. I also would like to know how to do this, I have linux Mandrake 7.1 and I have been trying to connect it to my brothers win98 machine, but know luck yet, I've set up Ips and gateways and netmask but still no luck. I have a switch connecting mine and my brothers. I've tried pinging my brothers ip but it just says host unreachable.

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  4. The ifconfig command is the one which sets up all the TCP/IP settings for your network interfaces. typing it without args will show you the current settings. usually eth0 is the one to look at. Most distributions have a script that uses the ifconfig command to set the proper settings based on what you enter in one of their tools. try netconf or linuxconf if you want to use that. all they do though, is add the info into the various scripts, so you will have to poke around in /etc/* to find these things.

    After all your settings are correct you will be able to ping your NT boxen by their IP address. to share files you will need to install and configure the samba package.


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  5. Mandrake 7.2 has a nice configuration utility set called Webmin and SWAT. Unfortunately... i don't know how to manually start these... but.. you can go into drakconf and boot services and activate them, then reboot. If you wanted to localy config the systems' network, Drakconf is the way. Webmin is a great way to administer the system from a web browser and SWAT(Samba Web Administration Tool) is the best way to handle samba. Webmin should have a option to get to SWAT in the server's section. I wouldn't suggest using Webmin's samba configuration options. I haven't had success with them. To get the exact options to connect to your nt/2k domain, you'll need to go to

    ps: if you haven't already... use mandrakeupdate to update your install! don't get exploited!

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  6. Thanks! I'll have to give that a try. I'm probably going to have to try playing with it a lot before it works. But I'll keep your advice in mind. In the meantime, it's off to some Linux web sites...

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