Flash player issues on windows 7

after installing flash player on windows 7, can t find it on my pc and can t play .swf files
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  1. Adobe Flash Player integrated into your web browser? or a stand alone flash player?

    Check your Internet Explorer Tools menu for the Manage Add-ons options. Do you have Shockwave Flash installed and enabled?

    If yes go to one of your swf files and right mouse click and choose Open With..... make sure IE is the chosen program or choose the correct flash player you installed. Then make sure the check box for 'Always use the selected program' is checked.
  2. thanks for your answer but i ve done all of that already and believe me, i ve done even much more. i even managed to find it on my pc ......(something that i downloaded had to be somewhere on my pc, i just had to look at the right place. and i did. it was in "SYSWOW64" directory). but still when i selected it through "open with", it still wouldn t start.
    so i decided to go for an open source alternative...http://www.topshareware.com/SWF-Opener-download-11943.htm

    and it s working just fine......
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