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hi, not sure if this belongs in this catogory but sorry in advance if it doesn't just curios when i built my new pc 2-3 weeks ago my front panel audio is not working at all didnt really cross my mind to test it but just thought i will plug in a jack for my headphone and it doesnt work however my backpanel sound works. iv plugged in hd auio plug on my mobo (z68x-ud3h-b3) but still nothing iv tried realtak disabled some option in the yellow folder and still does not work. has anybody got any sulution i really would appreciate a fix

thank you :hello:
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  1. check in software that the front panel is enabled . You should be able to access that by right clicking the speaker icon in the system tray
  2. hmm thank you but i dont really know how to find the option could you maybe show me

    many thanks
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