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hi i have been planning this for quite a while now and am finally free to do it. i want to upgrade my system. i currently have a lenovo 8808-9du. and i am planning to build a new computer and i want to ask if they will work together. i will use the intel core 2 duo e6300, the dvd/cd burnrer i alreadt have, the ram 2+1 gig ddr2 677 pc5300 and the 160 gig hdd that i already have so the price will be low. i am planning on buying the following:

(i know its pci 2.0 but i will use it in pcie 1.0 speed because of the motherboard)

case and powersupply:


i want to overclock the cpu till aroung 3.0 ghz or something what aftermarket heatsink do you advise me to buy and the ram will be overclocked to 800 mhz because it already has a heatsink so will these work together. i have windows 7 on the harddrive so i also want full compatibility for that. thank you
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  1. hi i changed my motherboard to support the ram it is now : thank you
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