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Help with overclocking my gtx460

I want to over clock my MSI GTX460 cyclone 768mb.

This will be the first time I have done this so I am unsure of how to go about it.

1. Is thsi card even worth overclocking?
2. If it is how do I go about it.
3. Want a decent increase if possable, while staying safe as far as increases are concered.

I allready downloaded the Afterburner software.
My card is currenty at(think these are the number needed):
Core clock 725
Memory clock 1800
Shader clock 1451

Under a stress test the temp was maxing at 52 C (normaly sitting at 46-47C playing BF3)

Thanks for helping me out
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    I believe the 768MB version overclocks as well as the 1GB version I have. You should be able to hit 800-1600-2000 pretty easily and that should give you a decent performance increase.

    My EVGA GTX 460 1GB has been clocked at 840-1680-2000 since I bought it the week the GTX 460 was released. Stock voltage.

    Just keep your max temps when testing with Furmark under about 80C and you should be fine. Technically you can even go higher with the temps but thats about as high as I am comfortable with.
  2. I set it at those settings and got a 3fps increase on the benchmark test does that sound about right? Also my temp went from 52 to 56.
  3. Temps are great. Some people have been able to hit 900-1800-2000. You might be able to go that high.

    Are you using Furmark to test stability and temps? 30 minutes should do it since Furmark stresses harder than any game ever will.
  4. Ya thats the program I am using ran it for around 25 min
  5. You still have plenty of headroom left with those temps.
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