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Basically what this post is about is the community aspect of this forum or rather the lack of it, let me just start off by saying that i am in no way bashing this forum, its just that I am a member of a few other smaller forums and there is a great community, you get to know people and can have a wee joke. But with this forum, its just someone asks a question and people answer it.

What I was wondering is whether the management here have ever thought of implementing some sort of off topic section to the forum, a place where people can go to discuss, sports, games, food, jokes, funny pictures, anything really.

It would be great to get a response from somebody.

Just to say again that I am not bashing the forum, i think its a great forum.
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  1. Is that just on the .com site? Im in the UK so i just stick to
  2. You know what, just close this thread please :L I dont know but i never saw the beyond the keyboard section. I honestly looked, Must be old age. I hope you dont think im a complete idiot :D
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