No sound after upgrade Windows 7!

Hi community! Quick explanation. I upgraded my pc yesterday with new psu and water cooling. worked great. then I added another 6850 and went back to playing bf3. No sound! i uninstalled drivers and reinstalled them. I cleared the drives and reinstalled Windows. No luck. Messed with which devices where primary. Tried headphones through front usb. no luck works through my 6850 when I connect it to my HDTV. So it looks like my primary sound device on my board is just plain messed up. I even went into my BIOS to see if it the board was set to default. When it is hooked up to my board all I hear is this feedback kinda stuff. Like when I move the mouse I can HEAR it. Like a light-saber sort of. WTF is going on? It worked fine before! I'm so afraid I totally screwed up my huge investment for good! Help!!!

This is what I have done
Checked Master Volume control.
Checked Windows Audio Service is started.
Checked Device Manager for bad drivers.
Checked your audio mixer software
Checked BIOS to insure on-board sound is enabled.
Installed the correct Chipset and Audio drivers.
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    Because you edited your original post with my recommendations.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I have already installed ALL of the drivers that came with my MOBO. I checked Bios to make sure it wasn't disabled. The main device is my primary/default. I'm convinced that it has something to do with either my PSU or my Ram.
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  4. Well I swapped everything in my pc to what it was when I originally built the damn thing. Still the same "Light-Saber" feedback with actual sound being very, very, very faint. I even went the extra step and uninstalled everything again, ran only one stick of RAM, default PSU and no GPU. Just straight MOBO. No help. MOBO must be damaged.
  5. No fix for this community? Any idea's at all?! :sleep:
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