Upgrading my Q6600 ( cannot OC) to core i5 or wait?

Sorry for reposting a new thread on this , but i am still in a dilemma on whether i should upgrade my OEM q6600 to core i5 for the purpose of playing auditionsea , diablo 3 and BF3 .
Current rig is :
Intel core 2 q6600 @ 2.4ghz (cannot OC because its oem)
Palit 460 v2 GTX
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  1. What would you be waiting for? Current i5's ( Ivy Bridge ) and second gen ( Sandy Bridge ) will both be a huge upgrade from what you have currently and the general consensus is that games will continue to remain gpu reliant so these cpu's wont become obselete anytime soon.

    Are you getting bad fps at the moment in these games?
  2. my gpu over heats easily to 70 + to 90 + C during gaming and my DB3 is stuttering and as may as suggested it could be caused by my 5400 rpm HDD ( samsung f4 ) . I would think this thoery is quite unlikely. Auditionsea ( a completely cpu reliant game) also suffers from gpu fluxs .
  3. if i was building a system now for myself i would sit on my money till dec or jan. two things i would hold out for the nvidia 660ti.
    if the hype is right it going to be a fast card for 250.00 price point. also there going to have the new ib for the 2011 mb near the end of this year and haswell is dropping about the same time too. the new haswell dont use the same pin outs and ib so there a whole new set of mb that will have to drop. the i5 lines are a great cpu i build myself a new rig in April with the 3540. But im not a hard core gamer i have this system for 3-4 years. my old 775 system gave it to a friend that had an even older dell. I dont want to see you buy the i5 then 3 months latter a new cpu drops that 10-20 percent faster for the same price.
  4. So in summary i should wait for haswell and 660 ti?
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    Wait until Haswell and grab the newer card that is replacing the 660ti.
  6. alright i shall wait untill haswell or my cpu to die ... lol in the meantime my db3 is not playable >_<
  7. DB3 should easily run on that system.

    BTW you should be able to run most games decently with Haswell's Integrated Graphics:
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