Good build for gaming / editing / developing?

i need to build a computer for around £800, it will be used for gaming, devolping a game, and graphics editing; here is what i have so far:

intel i5 2500k
asrock z77
SeagateBarracuda 7200.12 2TB
vengance 8gb ram
asus 6770
coolermaster enforcer case
XFX 750w PSU

suggestion will be good and advise :) thanks, i have done this in a rush too
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  1. you ddont need a 750 watt psu for that build

    ven 500 watt is overkill
  2. Power supplies are generally the most efficient at about 40 to 60% load. You could save some money by getting a smaller power supply, but it won't hurt anything unless you're not hitting at least 40% load.
  3. ok guys. just i might be looking for SLI or crossfire, and on the 6770, it quotes "minimum 500w" so 750 may be over kill, but thanks anyway :)
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