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Hi im currently in the process of buying a new case to accommodate a graphics card im buying and I basically want to know for sure if my mobo will go in the case I plan on buying. I intend on buying a new mobo in the near future but I need the case first to take the PSU and graphics card I plan on buying in the mean time.

Heres the mobo -


Heres the case -

As I say the mobo is a temporary thing until I can afford a new one and an Ivy i7 upgrade at the same time.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. The Aerocool X-Predator supports mATX motherboards.

    The Cleveland motherboard in that link has standard mATX dimensions (24.4x24.4cm / 9.6"x9.6") and it looks to me like it has mounting holes in the standard locations.

    So I think you will be able to install your current motherboard into the new case perfectly fine.
  2. No problem.
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