Monitor Randomly Shuts Off

Hey all, I have an odd monitor problem.

I have a HANNspree HF237 monitor hooked to a GTX-570 via DVI cable.

Starting yesterday, my monitor will randomly go black. But the LED light near the power button stays blue (blue means it is powered on and receiving a signal, and amber means no signal).

If I turn the monitor off and then back on, it will show my screen for about 2 seconds before it goes black again, but the LED still stays blue.

If I restart the system, the problem goes away, at least for a little while.

I tried hooking up the DVI cable to the other DVI port on my GTX-570 and that did not solve the problem.

I purchased this monitor in December 2009, so it is not that old.

I did not update any drivers or anything else since yesterday.

I am running a Core i7-975 with 12GB Corsair Dominator and an Intel 320 series 120gb SSD. My GTX-570 was made by Galaxy and purchased in December, and has worked flawlessly since then. I have never had a single other problem with my system.

It seems like I might need a new monitor, but I wanted to rule out anything else before I go spend $200 on a new display.

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  1. could you try another monitor or you got a tv that you could plug the mobo to be shure that is the monitor not the graphic card aand if your motherboard got a onboard graphic card would try that with your monitor and remove the gtx 570 before doing this
  2. I have my TV I could plug it in to, but the issue is so random and I cannot replicate it. It just happens for a while then stops. I suppose I could plug my computer in to my TV for the rest of the day, but my family might not be happy...
  3. if it does it on tv then you graphic card need a rma
  4. Yeah I am going to hook my laptop up to the display for a few days and see if it still happens.

    Also, something else just happened today. I hit the windows key + L to lock my computer and then I turned off the monitor and walked away for like 10 minutes. I came back and turned on the monitor, clicked my portrait to log in (I don't have a password), and as soon as the desktop came up the display disappeared.
  5. laptop test then if monitor work good if you could get a spare graphic card for test be fine if test card work then the gtx 570 graphic card need rma
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