Overclocking my i5-2500K safely

I've been wondering about overclocking my CPU (i5-2500K), and I've decided I do want to do it. My motherboard, (ASrock extreme3 gen3 z68) included a driver with a extreme tuning utility with an overclocking panel, except I have no experience doing this nor do I really understand the voltage ranges and what a safe clock is for this processor. Here is an image of the panel,

Is anyone able to tell me what I should be aiming at and what settings to use and if there is anything else to do afterwards?
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  1. Set your Cpu Ratio to 40, for a start - you should now run 4.0 Ghz - you should be

    able without changing voltage.
  2. I wouldn't overclock your CPU from a OS utility, that sort of thing is best done from the BIOS.

    That said, have you read the Intel Core i5 2500K/ Intel Core i7 2600K overclocking guide here on Tom's? It's a good place to start. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/265056-29-2600k-2500k-overclocking-guide

    That said, the best way to overclock in my opinion is to overclock in your BIOS, try increasing the multiplier by multiples of 1 (34, 35, 36, 37, etc....) and running Prime 95 for 20 minutes. You should hit 4.2GHz without needing to bump the voltage. When you start to bump the volts, increase it by .05V at a time. With good cooling, my 2500K's should top out safely around 4.7-4.9GHz.

    Make sure Turbo Boost and Speedstep are disabled as well.
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