Xbox restarting when I switch to PC on shared monitor

Hey guys,

I'm facing a problem. I have a set up with a shared BenQ E2220 HD monitor connected through two separate HDMI cables to my PC and my Xbox.

The problem is that when I switch from HDMI 1 (Xbox) to HDMI 2(PC) upon switching back to HDMI 1 (Xbox) my Xbox restarts.

Is there a problem with my monitor or is is something else ?

Please help.
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  1. what audio do you have plugged into the xbox?
  2. Anytime that the xbox is plugged into a display via HDMI it must remain on the screen and not changed between videos. I'm not sure why, but I had the same issue and I noticed it's only with the HDMI, if i changed to a different video input on the screen then back to the xbox input it would make it restart. With component cables connected it isn't the same result.
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