How to connect my LCD to PC

I Have purchased a 32" LCD. But no any option in VGA input in LCD. Only HDMI Port is available. please tell me how to connect HDMI Port to VGA. Kindly revert
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  1. You cannot connect HDMI to VGA. HDMI is digital whereas VGA is analog. The best option is to connect you computer using the HDMI port. The second best option is to connect it via the DVI-D or DVI-I (i.e. not DVI-A which is analog only, see Wikipedia/Google) using an adapter cable.

    There are also adapters that can convert analog to digital but I cannot recommend them because either they are expensive or not doing a very good job or both.

    So if your computer doesn't have HDMI, DVI-I or DVI-D output then you're better off getting a new GPU for it. If it is a laptop you could also get a USB based GPU although I wouldn't recommend it for reasons similar to the A/D converter option stated above.
  2. If the source has DisplayPort, DP to HDMI would be another possibility.

    Otherwise, pretty much out of luck.
  3. When connecting to an HDTV, I prefer to go from DVI on the card to HDMI on the HDTV. The chances for under scanning is lessened that way.
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