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6770 card

Hello,Im building a new computer and im planning on getting a 6770 card, but have noticed several different name brands.
are they all the same, but the brand name? or are there others brand names thats better than diamond,radion.

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  1. anyone??
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    All the brand names are from different manufacturers. The one thing they all have in common is the chip made by AMD. So all the different brands are pretty much the same.

    I what I look for is the price, how good there customer service is, the warranty, then I look to see how the cooling is on the card. All GPU's get hot, so I want to know how good that fan is or two fans are.

    A lot of people like the XFX and the EVGA then it goes to MSI, etc. After looking at the reasons I stated then I look to see if it is going to meet my needs and I look at the reviews. Well I hope this helps and good luck to ya.
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