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6790, 6850, or gtx 460 best overall?

I do realize that the 6850 is the best out of the batch and originally i was going to buy this :

but there were some bad reviews about the fan and the temps. and all of that and it discouraged me a bit.

so i thought maybe i could buy a 6790 with really nice cooling such as:

it is nice but then again it unfortunately is not a 6850 but im not sure if there is much a difference.

and also i ran across one of these :

which is cheap and at lower resolutions has better performance then the 6790

also another 460 i had in mind is:

my monitor res. is 1680 x 1050 and sometimes i use my 32' plasma which res. is 1024 x 768
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    Slightly faster than the HD 6850 (original 256 bit version of the GTX 460 1GB). Great overclocker and better brand as well.
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